“I had a chronic neck issue which Dr. Jeff Willis handled very easily. I used to go to Chiropractors but their methods were sometimes noisy and he uses a method of electronic stimulus of back muscles that gives immediate relief. I almost feel like I never had the pain in the neck. Thanks-he’s really great!”

– Patricia

“I highly recommend the Willis treatment. My back problems after 4 kids were unbearable. He really understood the pain I was in and tackled the problem. I’m such a happier person now, I can really enjoy
my kids without back pain getting in the way. The whole staff is so friendly and helpful. Everyone in pain should give it a try. It’s so much better than taking pain medication for the rest of your life.”

– Mariana

“Dr. Jeff Willis has helped me so much. I have a lot of problems with pain in the right side of my neck and above the shoulder blades. He has been able to alleviate so much of the pain and teach me how to keep the neck limber with specific exercises. On top of being a very successful Chiropractor, he is a truly nice guy. I recommend Dr. Willis to everyone.”

– Carolyn

“Dr. Willis has been very effective in relieving my back pain. He’s also helped my wife. I wasn’t a proponent of Chiropractic Care before meeting Dr. Jeff Willis; now, I believe that everyone can benefit from his care and treatment. He’s a highly skilled professional and knows his field well. Thank you Dr. Willis.”

– Robert

“I have had problems with my back for as long as I can remember. No one has ever suggested my going to a Chiropractor. I finally decided to ask for a referral. I have only been to see Dr. Willis for 4 appointments and I must say I am amazed at how good I feel. He and his staff are very professional and friendly. Going into the office you just know you will feel so much better when you leave. I have decided that I will continue the treatment for as long as I can, not just when I have back pain.”

– Shelli